A/R direct effect on the Revenue Cycle

Control of the accounts receivable (A/R) is the most important aspect of revenue cycle management. If the charges are captured and billed but there is not control of the accounts receivable, revenue can be severely affected. There has to be consistent and successful intervention of the accounts. Timeliness has to be the number one issue addressed as many commercial insurances allow only a limited amount of days for claims to be filed and denials to be returned.

A/R Consulting

We take pride in maintaining low account receivable days. We are very successful with reviewing and intervening in A/R. We can remove time consuming A/R work from a practice, freeing up much needed time for other tasks. We can address A/R as a whole or as a section by days. Most importantly, reviewing A/R has to be a learning process where reasons for denial are summarized in a plan of correction to prevent repeat denials.

We can provide education and support to billing staff. This education can be on site or remotely conducted. Also, we can review policy and procedure and make recommendations. Continuing education will allow staff to optimize their effectiveness.

A/R Collections

The accounts in the A/R can include outstanding insurance or patient balances, or both. We can maintain the A/R over a specific amount of days or the entire A/R. Also, we can manage patient accounts by processing statements or providing access to a collection agency.