About Us

Many variables create a need for intervention in healthcare; through these interventions, physicians and hospitals can continue to be successful. Most important of these interventions is the need for expertise in coding and billing. This does not always requrie an entity’s billing to be out-sourced. Piecemeal intervention of specific elements of the practice management process can significantly improve the revenue cycle. With that being sai,d we have assembled an amazing group of individuals to carry out coding and billing for entities and to create tremendously simple access to education.

We understand the challenges of the healthcare economy because members of our staff have been at the forefront of problem solving

for the last 27 years. Since 1988, we have advised leading corporations on the issues of today’s integrated healthcare market. We have cultivated the culture, commercial pragmatism, and technical and interpersonal skills required to deliver state-of-the-art service tailored to the preferences of multi-faceted clients.

Ampyss provides a wide selection of healthcare solutions to meet the needs of our diverse client base. The strategic establishment of personnel in the key areas of healthcare management and operations has enabled us to represent a broad range of clients.

Ampyss has a broad transactional practice. Major practice disciplines include coding and billing, auditing, accounts receivable management, pre-authorizations, credentialing, practice analysis, infusion practice management and practice development and planning.  We offer clients extensive healthcare experience in each of these areas as well as in overall healthcare management. We are one of only a few healthcare consulting firms with a continuous presence of experienced field-specific employees. During this time, we have continued in-house education and cross-training our staff.


MD, FACS, CPA, CPC President


Corporate Accounting Manager


BSN, MPH Clinical Liaison


Rodney Butcher LPN,  MCP

 Information Technology, Director


Crystal Pillar, CPC

 Reimbursement and Collections, Director


Judy Robbins

 Credentialing and Insurance Contracting


Vicky Brown

 Revenue Cycle Management, Director


Jordan Cross, RN

 Infusion Product Design and Implementation


Suzanne Ballinger, RHIT

Client Development, Director


Samantha Bowlin, CPC

Coding and Billing Services, Director